Fitness and Exercise

Exercise is an integral part of the CMWL program.  Using our body composition technology we will be able to determine if your weight loss if fat, muscle, or water.  We will also be able to determine what types of exercise works best for your body to maintain muscle and lose fat.  Your CMWL provider will be able to discuss exercise options with you during your visits.

A good starting goal is 30 minutes 3–4 times weekly for the exercise novice.  A long term goal is 1 hour three times a week of 30 minutes six days a week.  Below are some basic exercise programs.  Make sure to ask your CMWL provider before starting a new exercise program.

Aerobic Exercises – These exercises should be strenuous, but be careful not to cause injury by doing too much, too fast, or too often.

Walking – Get a good pair of sneakers and start slowly.  Try to walk a little further each day.

Jogging – Only recommended for patients that do not suffer from knee or hip arthritis.  Start slow and gradually increase the pace and distance.

Bicycling – A street bike is only recommended for patients weighing less than 350 pounds.  Start slowly and gradually increase the pace.

Swimming – Recommended for patients whose arthritis prevents them from walking, jogging, or bicycling.  Start slowly and gradually increase the pace and time.

Hand Bike – Recommended for patients that have arthritis of the lower extremity that is preventing them from walking, jogging, or biking.

Weight Training – All muscle groups with the exception of the abdominal muscles need one day to recover between workouts.  For example: chest, arms, and shoulder could be done on Monday and Wednesday, with legs, calves, and back on Tuesday and Thursday.  The abdominal exercises could be done daily.

Weights – They do not have to be heavy.  It is more important that you use good form and technique to avoid injury.

Resistance Exercise – This type of machine is good for the novice because it is less likely to cause joint injury.

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